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the Asian quota



In my blog on affirmative action (June 26, 2016)


I observed that there exists an Asian quota in college admissions (affecting Asian-American students, that is), similar to a Jewish quota in college admissions that once existed.

It is an insidious and unfair that college admission officers won’t acknowledge or admit to — they deny the very existence of such policies or practices. It’s something akin, if I may paraphrase from Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four, to saying: “all applicants are equal, but some applicants are more equal than others.”

Listed below are some recent articles in the subject, in order of publication, most recent first.



— Roger W. Smith

  June 2016 (updated January 2017)










Roger W. Smith, email to a friend, January 30, 2017:



I noticed an article in today’s Times:

“White Students’ Unfair Advantage in Admissions,” by Andrew Lam, The New York Times, January 30, 2017

which I feel is excellent and makes sound, substantiated points.

I am sharing it with you because a few months ago, we were discussing Asian American quotas in college admissions. At the time, you said that you were not aware that it was a problem or that this type of discrimination existed.

At that time, I said to you I was against affirmative action, which I feel is reverse discrimination. We kind of agreed to disagree.

For a long time, I debated with myself about affirmative action and wasn’t sure what I thought. I believe I was initially for it.







articles re the Asian-American quota:



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CBS News

May 25, 2016




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The Guardian

May 24, 2015




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The Daily Caller

May 22, 2016




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City Journal

Winter 2016




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The Economist

October 3, 2015




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Business Insider (businessinsider.com)

June 10, 2015




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Boston Globe

June 1, 2015




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The Huffington Post

May 28, 2015




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Chicago Tribune

May 23, 2015




Harvard discriminates against Asians as it once did to Jews

New York Post

May 19, 2015




Asian American groups file racial quotas complaint against Harvard University

The Guardian

May 16, 2015




For Asian Americans, a changing landscape on college admissions

Los Angeles Times

February 21, 2015




How to Beat the Asian Quota at Elite U.S. Colleges

Synergy Educational

September 25, 2014




Statistics Indicate an Ivy League Asian Quota

op ed

New York Times

December 3, 2013




Is the Ivy League Fair to Asian Americans?

The Atlantic

December 21, 2012





Asians: Too Smart for Their Own Good?

op ed

New York Times

December 19, 2012




The Myth of American Meritocracy

The American Conservative

November 28, 2012





“White Students’ Unfair Advantage in Admissions” (op ed)

The New York Times

January 30, 2017