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Manhattan in spring




MANHATTAN’S streets I saunter’d pondering

— Walt Whitman



photographs taken by Roger W. Smith

April 2016



Walking the Brooklyn Bridge



The Brooklyn Bridge, which spans the East River, was completed in 1883.  Since its opening, it has been a New York City landmark.

Walking over the Brooklyn Bridge and through Brooklyn is a great way for me to get home from Manhattan. Our neighborhood in Queens is very close to the Brooklyn border.

The Brooklyn Bridge has a boardwalk and is usually crowed with pedestrians and cyclists. Everyone seems to be in a good mood. Many people taking photos.

It’s a walk that gives me a high.

To get to the bridge, one has to walk downtown about two miles along Broadway. Then, another four miles or so from the bridge to our house. I like walking the pedestrian streets of Brooklyn. (By pedestrian here, I means the word in the sense of ordinary,  lacking excitement per se.) They are on a human scale.


— Roger W. Smith

    December 2016





photographs (with one exception) by Roger W. Smith



walking the Brooklyn Bridge








entrance to Brooklyn Bridge walkwway.JPG





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“Table for One”


The attached article was published in the New York Times Travel section on Sunday, May 23, 2004.

Something about the article intrigued me.

A woman with a five-year-old son has an augment with her husband and decamps to Madrid for a day or two.

What self-indulgence!

I don’t know whether I approve or disapprove.



— Roger W. Smith

      March 2016



‘Table for One’