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post mortem thoughts on the election


Some post mortem thoughts of mine on the election, based on an email exchange with a friend over the past few days.



I am fundamentally apolitical, although I follow politics pretty closely. Let’s put it this way: I would have voted for Bernie Sanders without a second thought.

My younger son was wildly enthusiastic about Bernie. Then, once Bernie lost the nomination, he lost interest in the election.

I believe that if Bernie had gotten the nomination, he would have defeated Trump.

My wife quoted to me a remark she read or heard somewhere about Hillary: she ran on her resume. Also, “it’s my turn.”

Not an inspiring message.

If Bernie had run, I believe he could have counted on solid Democratic support, including from the Hillary haters. I believe the college students and persons in their twenties would have come out in droves for him; there would have been a groundswell of support.

The PARTY closed ranks around Hillary. Democratic VOTERS would have elected Bernie.

The reservations and ambivalence which many voters felt for Hillary worked to Trump’s advantage.

I suspect that Bernie would have won. They trotted out Hillary because she was the next in line. She didn’t inspire people. A policy wonk with no charisma. Highly competent but uninspiring. Programmed to the nth degree.

I never could forgive her for voting for W’s war.


— Roger W. Smith

   February 2017

a voter on “Clinton Fatigue”


I remember the Clintons from back when they tap danced around the Gennifer Flowers story.

Then came Whitewater and then Hillary Clinton’s billing records were nowhere to be found, and then there was Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton looked right at me through the TV screen and said “I did not have . . .” The lies never stopped. Then came the Clinton Foundation, foreign donations and the emails.

I have 100 percent Clinton Fatigue. If Bernie Sanders had been on the ballot, I would have voted for him, even though I agree with him on virtually nothing. But he seems to be honest and stands up for his beliefs and not for enriching himself.

— Howard Gaskill, Georgetown, Del. (a reader’s comment published in The Washington Post, November 2016)




P.S. I would have voted for Bernie Sanders too! Gladly.


— Roger W. Smith