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“Cops Did Nothing While Man Died from Asthma Attack”


As per today’s New York Daily News (Wednesday, June 22, 2016) at


Some conclusions to be drawn from this story.  (In my view, they are incontrovertible.)

Petty “offenders” get arrested and picked on by the police for the merest of “crimes” (see also the case of Eric Garner) and sometimes for no reason at all (see the case of Amadou Diallo).

 Black lives – in the view of police and law enforcement – count for less.

 The self-appointed law and order types and hanging judges could care less.

 Thanks to the New York Daily News for their intrepid, dogged reporting and courage in reporting this story. I hope they don’t fold.


— Roger W. Smith

    June 22, 2016


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