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“One Robber’s 3 Life Sentences”


This post concerns a story in The New York Times that may have been overlooked by many people, the story having been published on a holiday.

“One Robber’s 3 Life Sentences: ’90s Legacy Fills Prisons Today”

By Timothy Williams

The New York Times

July 4, 2016

It is another story about the absolute lunacy — the unfairness — of our “criminal justice” system. The sentence is ridiculous, cruel, uncalled for.

Justice is supposed to be applied rationally. It is supposed to be a system based on abstract principles which have been codified whereby people who let their passions and criminal instincts get the best of them are subject to “correction” by an ordered system in which the law is applied (supposedly) rationally, so that the person “out of control” (the criminal) is brought to heel by officials (judges, prosecutors, correction officers, and so on) who apply the law strictly, yet fairly and impartially.

The system is anything but fair or rational. It makes absolutely no sense.

There is no other way to put it.

Someday, someone is going to write a major work of literature – a new Les Misérables, a new House of the Dead, a new J’accuse – that will make the public feel the horror and injustice of all this.

But, I am sure that for the present this will not bother most people, including those who bother to read this blog, any more than did another recent post of mine:

Roger W. Smith, re: “British Man Sentenced to 40 Years in Al Qaeda Plot to Attack London Airport”


No one seems to care.


— Roger W. Smith

   July 2016




See the eloquent response to this blog by Vandy Singleton, below.

See also “Lenny Singleton’s Life Sentences”


letter to editor from Vandy Singleton

The New York Times

July 19, 2016



email to Roger Smith from Vandy Singleton (Leonard Singleton’s wife)

July 20, 2016


Thank you, Roger, for this and your more lengthy reply online. I just thought it important to tell you that indeed someone does care and very much so. You are not alone in caring about humanity. Believe me I understand how frustrating it can be and sometimes it seems that I am on an island completely alone fighting for true equality and justice. But on this journey, I have found some — just a few — willing to fight the “good” fight with me. Again, thank you for posting a link to the article and for caring about Lenny’s situation.


Vandy Singleton