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reflections on work


The following is the text of an email of mine to a friend:

I think you told me once that you like your work and don’t want to quit.

I hope that’s true.

My Dad was a freelance musician and piano teacher. He was very skilled, was a natural. Loved people. Loved entertaining them and making them happy.

He loved his work; loved being his own boss.

He started working as a musician when he was still in high school.

He used to say all the time, “I never worked a day in my life.” It was a pleasure to hear him say that. I realized that few people could honestly say that they felt that way.

My father tried to “go straight” for a while when he was starting a family. He took a regular job, the only one he ever had, selling advertisements for a radio station. He didn’t stay long.

I never liked working in an office – in fact, I hated it. Hated the office culture and the hours.

I always work better when I am working independently. I am very responsible and will go all out to do a good job. But I hate to be told what to do. I like to set my own standards and work at my own pace.


— Roger W. Smith

   email to a friend, March 2, 2016