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‘the wide effulgence of a summer noon”; the beauty of great writing

    I suffered a near loss of vision. It was terrifying, but treatment seems to have restored my sight to its former state, or near to it. I temporarily lost the ability to read. To celebrate my recovery, I … Continue reading

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my writing; a response to my critics

    ‘my writing; a response to my critics’     In this post, I have tried to consider and respond to criticisms of my writing which have been made by readers of this blog from time to time. In … Continue reading

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when a man is tired of New York …

    “I suggested a doubt, that if I were to reside in London, the exquisite zest with which I relished it in occasional visits might go off, and I might grow tired of it. JOHNSON. ‘Why, Sir, you find … Continue reading

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on poverty

    “In civilised society, personal merit will not serve you so much as money will. Sir, you may make the experiment. Go into the street, and give one man a lecture on morality, and another a shilling, and see … Continue reading

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Roger W. Smith, review of “A Family of His Own: A Life of Edwin O’Connor”

    A Family of His Own: A Life of Edwin O’Connor by Charles F. Duffy Catholic University of America Press 376 pages, $49.95 By ROGER W. SMITH   New York Sun January 8, 2004     Surprisingly for a … Continue reading

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is it possible (or desirable) to hold two divergent opinions at the same time?

      “I may indeed contradict myself now and then; but truth … I do not contradict.” — Michel de Montaigne     *****************************************************   “I suppose you have forgotten that many weeks ago I promised to send you an … Continue reading

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my personal library of books by and about Samuel Johnson and James Boswell

  My Johnson and Boswell books   The attached downloadable Word document (above) contains an inventory of books by and about Samuel Johnson and James Boswell in my personal home library.     — Roger W. Smith    June 2018

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