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    A Robin Redbreast in a Cage Puts all Heaven in a Rage. A Dove house filld with Doves & Pigeons Shudders Hell thr’ all its regions A dog starvd at his Masters Gate Predicts the ruin of the … Continue reading

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Bartók, Eight Hungarian Folksongs for voice and piano (nyolc magyar népdal)

        Posted here as a single track:   Bela Bartók, Eight Hungarian Folksongs for voice and piano (nyolc magyar népdal)   nos. 1–5, 1907 nos. 6–8, 1917   The music is stunning and the performance by a … Continue reading

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the music of the spheres (linguistically speaking)

    I live in the borough of Queens in New York City. In a metropolitan area with the most ethnically diverse zip codes in the nation, and in a City where far more languages are spoken than in any … Continue reading

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a brief exercise in “verbal impressionism”

          Observations made by me while jaunting this week.   Monday, August 20, 2018 girl with mother and siblings eating lunch in a Macdonald’s in Queens   Tuesday, August 21, 2018 kids eating potato chips in … Continue reading

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my favorite Nielsen songs

      The death of Aretha Franklin on August 16 got me thinking about singers in the gospel tradition, or who began their singing careers that way. I shared my thoughts with my wife and a friend. Naturally, I … Continue reading

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re the development of musical appreciation, as seen in myself

    I am afraid some people will see this post as boastful. It is not intended to be.     *****************************************************     I have a good friend whom I share with my wife. He was a former teaching … Continue reading

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an early take by Walt Whitman on his conception of himself as America’s poet

    Walt Whitman began his writing career as a journalist. He was known early on for writing anonymous reviews of Leaves of Grass — in other words, reviewing himself, in laudatory terms. A motivation for his doing this was that … Continue reading

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