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a hot summer morning (with reflections on the topic of weather)


I had a very enjoyable walk in my favorite local park this morning.

It got very hot as the day progressed, but I thoroughly enjoyed the walk and being outdoors.  I love summer weather, period.

There is a restaurant right near the park. I have hardly ever gone there, but I got to the park very early and decided after a little while to get breakfast.

A woman came into the restaurant when I was there. She is a regular there, as was indicated by her interaction with one of the waitresses. She looked about my age.

She said to the waitress something like, “This heat is terrible. It’s awful to have to put up with it – it’s disgusting.

A lot of people complain about the weather, but the way she said it was accusatory, like the heat was an outrage being perpetrated upon her that she should not have to put up with.

Of course, I feel completely the opposite. I was enjoying the day so much. It was a balmy heat – I love the sun. It was extremely hot, but there was a modest breeze and it was not humid.

Some people will take offense at anything!


— Roger W. Smith

   July 18, 2016




As the summer draws to a close, I have been thinking some more about the subject of weather.

I live in the Mid Atlantic region of the United States. I grew up in New England. In both places, I was very glad that I was able to experience all four seasons.

I love the change of seasons, to be able to experience it.

About a week and a half ago, we had a spell of very hot and humid weather that was very uncomfortable. (Even I found it to be so.) You have a few spells like that during summer in New York City. Usually, only a few days of really hot weather. At most other times, while the City is hot in the summer, it is not unbearable heat wise.

I found during the recent hot spell that it was often cooler outdoors. If there was a breeze, it was often pleasant and certainly bearable. I was surprised that hardly anyone seemed to be outside (relatively speaking). I guess everyone was staying indoors because they wanted air conditioning.

I find that even on the hottest summer mornings, it is cooler (outdoors, that is). And, it can be that way in the evenings, too. This is particularly true in the parks. The grass and soil absorb the heat, whereas the pavement radiates it back like an oven.



I take all weather with equanimity. I am somewhat rueful that the balmy, delightful summer days will be ending soon, but, on the other hand, I am looking forward to the wonderfully temperate, beautiful autumn days. Fall is truly a gorgeous time.

I enjoy extremes of temperature. I like to experience them. This includes bitterly cold winter days. I do — in the depth of winter, when the whole world seems to be in its grip — often wish that it would end and long for the spring, rejoice when it comes. (It came early this year, which is to say right on schedule.) But, I still appreciate the winter, which has its own harsh beauty. And, the contrast between it and other seasons makes me appreciate them all the more. Furthermore, sometimes the cold, ice, and snow can be invigorating, as well as beautiful.

I guess one could say that I take the weather as it comes. I never complain about it.

I got this from my father and mother, who did not take the beautiful New England weather with its four distinct seasons for granted.

Particularly noteworthy was my father’s attitude towards extreme weather conditions and climate changes. He NEVER complained about the weather. He welcomed the extremes. He never used weather conditions as an excuse for missing work or an appointment. He seemed to take a perverse delight in the challenges severe weather would present, and his car never stopped running, snow chains and all.

— Roger W. Smith

  September 2016



Juniper Valley Park, Middle Village, Queens, NY;  July 18, 2016 — photograph by Roger W. Smith


Juniper Valley Park