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re the development of musical appreciation, as seen in myself

    I am afraid some people will see this post as boastful. It is not intended to be.     *****************************************************     I have a good friend whom I share with my wife. He was a former teaching … Continue reading

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Ralph Colp, Jr. review of “The Gates of Memory” by Geoffrey Keynes

Ralph Colp, Jr. review of ‘The Gates of Memory’ by Geoffrey Keynes     As shown in my post “tribute to Ralph Colp, Jr., MD” https://rogersgleanings.com/2016/02/16/tribute-to-ralph-colp-jr-md/   My former therapist, the late Ralph Colp, Jr., was an extraordinary man. Posted here … Continue reading

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Mozart, Alexander L. Lipson, and Russian 1 with Professor Gribble

    On Thursday, November 16, 2017, I heard a performance at Carnegie Hall of Mozart’s String Quartet No. 16 in E-flat major, K. 428 by the Tetzlaff Quartet. Mozart’s K. 428 is one of his Haydn Quartets, a set … Continue reading

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serendipity (or, should I say, the paranormal)

    It usually is the case that if two people don’t get along, they can’t have a successful working relationship. This applies to an instructor and a student. If the thing being taught is something technical, you would think … Continue reading

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thinking “too energetically”

    I was thinking today of something I read about Charles Darwin. It was in an article about Darwin by my former therapist, Dr. Ralph Colp Jr. Early in the course of our sessions, I told Dr. Colp that … Continue reading

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“the greatest country in the world”

  Last night, I watched a recently released film about the editor Max Perkins and the writer Tom Wolfe, who had a close professional and personal relationship. The film, The Genius (2016), has gotten mixed reviews. I liked it. Anyway, … Continue reading

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“Darwin’s Shrink”

  This interview with psychiatrist Ralph Colp, Jr. appeared in the November 2005 issue of Natural History.   ‘Darwin’s Shrink’    

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