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Mozart, Alexander L. Lipson, and Russian 1 with Professor Gribble

    On Thursday, November 16, 2017, I heard a performance at Carnegie Hall of Mozart’s String Quartet No. 16 in E-flat major, K. 428 by the Tetzlaff Quartet. Mozart’s K. 428 is one of his Haydn Quartets, a set … Continue reading

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serendipity (or, should I say, the paranormal)

    It usually is the case that if two people don’t get along, they can’t have a successful working relationship. This applies to an instructor and a student. If the thing being taught is something technical, you would think … Continue reading

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thinking “too energetically”

    I was thinking today of something I read about Charles Darwin. It was in an article about Darwin by my former therapist, Dr. Ralph Colp Jr. Early in the course of our sessions, I told Dr. Colp that … Continue reading

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“the greatest country in the world”

  Last night, I watched a recently released film about the editor Max Perkins and the writer Tom Wolfe, who had a close professional and personal relationship. The film, The Genius (2016), has gotten mixed reviews. I liked it. Anyway, … Continue reading

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“Darwin’s Shrink”

  This interview with psychiatrist Ralph Colp, Jr. appeared in the November 2005 issue of Natural History.   ‘Darwin’s Shrink’    

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tribute to Ralph Colp, Jr., MD

    In October 2008, I wrote a memorial tribute to Dr. Ralph Colp, Jr., with whom I had a longtime doctor-patient relationship. Dr. Colp’s oldest daughter arranged to have the tribute distributed at his memorial service at the New … Continue reading

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