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“dense” writing

      By dense, I mean the word in the sense of “closely compacted in substance.” which is the first dictionary definition given. Not dense in the sense of stupid, referring to a person. I realize that I prefer … Continue reading

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my writing; a response to my critics

    ‘my writing; a response to my critics’     In this post, I have tried to consider and respond to criticisms of my writing which have been made by readers of this blog from time to time. In … Continue reading

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an exchange of emails about George Gissing

    Roger W. Smith to Charles Davenport, Jr. August 6, 2017   Dear Mr. Davenport, You wrote: “In the realm of fiction, George Gissing is in a league of his own; no other author even comes close.” — Charles Davenport Jr., … Continue reading

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Roger W. Smith, translation into Spanish of passage from George Gissing

    passage from Gissing   Roger’s Gissing translation     Posted here (above) as downloadable PDF documents is an assignment of mine in an advanced class in Spanish grammar and composition taught by Professor Susana Redondo de Feldman, Chairman … Continue reading

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