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when knowledge (and learning) can prove to be useful

    I am reading Thoreau’s essay on walking. From a recent exhibit at the Morgan Library, I learned that Thoreau, who some moderns may think of as a sort of proto hippie, was very studious and had a very … Continue reading

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afraid of commitment … and death

    During my lifetime, I have benefited from having friends whom I met in all sorts of ways, from school to work to many other venues; and from having friends who have ranged from the conventional and successful to … Continue reading

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epiphany II

    The following is an email of mine.   — Roger W. Smith    September 28, 2017     *****************************************************     Janet and Scott —   In my blog post “epiphany”   from a month or … Continue reading

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the punishment of Anthony Weiner

    Roger W. Smith email to Anthony Weiner September 27, 2017     Dear Mr. Weiner, I feel terribly sorry for you. YOU are a victim. Of malicious prosecutors and an inhuman judge. Who refuse to acknowledge your contrition … Continue reading

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    The other day, I used a cliché in conversation with a friend. I had shared an audiotape of an interesting lecture with him. “If you don’t find it interesting,” I said, “I’ll eat my hat.” He joked that … Continue reading

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on walking (and exercise)

    “I think that I cannot preserve my health and spirits, unless I spend four hours a day at least–and it is commonly more than that–sauntering through the woods and over the hills and fields, absolutely free from all … Continue reading

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“Black Coffee”

  Let us take a day in Balzac’s working life, a day typical of thousands. Eight o’clock in the evening. The citizens of Paris have long since finished their day’s work and left their offices, shops, or factories. After having … Continue reading

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