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family separation repost IX (litigation over migrant minors detained with their parents during the pandemic)




‘U.S. Must Release Children from Family Detention Centers, Judge Rules’ – NY Times 6-26-2020



Trump must comply with order to release detained migrant children – Washington Post 7-2-2020



As was noted in a Washington Post editorial of July 2 (posted here), “the three months-long litigation over migrant minors detained with their parents during the pandemic is the latest chapter in the sorry saga of the Trump administration’s efforts to use children as leverage in its war on immigrants.” Two articles about this are posted here.

The outrage of family separation Trump style has been mostly overlooked lately, being no longer the issue du jour. This is unfortunate — that’s an understatement.

The relevance of the so-called Flores Settlement to the issue is discussed briefly here. It is mentioned often in my previous posts on the subject.



— Roger W. Smith

   July 2020