This blog consists of various postings. These include my writings on a wide variety of topics and posts reflecting some of my interests and enthusiasms over the years — including literary and scholarly interests — plus material about my past and family, including genealogy, and observations about various issues, philosophical and topical, which arise in daily life.

In choosing topics to write about, I have tried to follow the practice of a writer such as Michel de Montaigne, who wrote in answer to a hypothetical critic: “Isn’t this the way I speak everywhere? Don’t I represent myself to the life? Enough then. … Everyone recognizes me in my book, and my book in me.”

On the right hand corner of the home page, you will see Categories. You can use these to identify posts that you may find to be of interest.





I have posted some of my favorite music. I have not posted much of the music that I love because it is so popular and commonly available that there is no point in posting it.

My posts of music are designed to show my tastes; to bring to the awareness of visitors to this site some beautiful pieces they may have overlooked; and to share some rare recordings from my collection of classical music, which started with LP’s in the 1960’s.

My post “summary of classical music on this blog”


provides a partial guide to what’s posted here.




For about five years, I kept a diary about my two sons in their earliest years. The diaries are posted here. The idea to keep such a diary was my own, but a therapist whom I was seeing made the suggestion to me almost simultaneously. The diaries are unedited. I intend to eventually edit them for typos and condensing where necessary.





Please note: Documents and images posted here — e.g., Word files, PDF files, JPEG files — are downloadable. You merely have to point and click, which will enable you to either open the document or to download (save) it.

If you right click, you will have the option of downloading (saving) a file or image.

If you left click, a descriptive caption will appear (for images that are captioned).

The music (MP3 files) posted here can be played, but is not downloadable. I did not realize this before and had been indicating otherwise.





My email, should you wish to contact me, is



— Roger W. Smith, Queens, NYC, USA

2 Responses to About

  1. Sydney Webbe says:

    Hi Roger … are you from Canton Massachusetts? You mentioned Robert Tighe and the Red Sox in your blog.

    Sydney Webbe

  2. Hi, Sydney … good for you. I certainly do come from Canton. I am a 1964 graduate of Canton High School. I live in New York City now. — Roger

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