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Massachusetts Macombers — chiefly, Elisha of Dartmouth and New Bedford, and family






Macomber notes



Elisha Macomber farm advertisement

“Farm at Auction,” New Bedford Mercury, New Bedford, Mass., March 12, 1819




Posted here (above) is a downloadable Word document which comprises a genealogical article about Elisha Macomber (ca. 1775-1855) of Dartmouth and New Bedford, Mass. My maternal grandmother was descended from him.

The genealogical details are sketchy; the article contains a few facts which I was able to unearth.





Also posted here (above) as a Word document are some notes I compiled while researching my Macomber ancestors. Most of them were in New Bedford, MA, with the period I was focusing upon being the nineteenth century.


— Roger W. Smith

    May 2018