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an island … a city surrounded by WATER

          photographs by Roger W. Smith       *****************************************************     The photographs posted here above were all taken by me within the past few months in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens, NYC. I love skylines, … Continue reading

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Beethoven, Mass in C major, opus 86

        I am partial to Beethoven’s Mass in C major, opus 86. It is not as well known as Beethoven’s Missa Solemnis. The rendition here is from an old LP of mine. The Gloria is sublime. It occurs … Continue reading

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a Carnegie Hall concert

    I attended a concert yesterday evening at Carnegie Hall in Manhattan. It began with Beethoven’s symphony No. 1. I felt like I was lifted off the floor. An experience not unlike what Walt Whitman describes in Leaves of … Continue reading

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Balzac on memory

    In view of the fact that I have posted several posts recently with comments about memory, I found the following passage in Stefan Zweig’s biography of Balzac to be very interesting.     *****************************************************     The assimilation … Continue reading

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a valuable lesson

    I have had occasion because of an unpleasant experience with someone close to me to think of something I learned once. In the interests of confidentiality, let’s just say that the situation from my past. The “lesson” (with … Continue reading

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    The following is an email of mine sent this morning to an acquaintance.     *****************************************************     Scott —   I’m on a jaunt. I had a sort of epiphany just now (actually at about 7 a.m., … Continue reading

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horse intelligence (can animals think?, redux)

    In a recent post of mine “the forlorn cat”   I posed the question: “Can and do animals with whom we are familiar, such as dogs, cats, and horses, have emotions similar to our own? Can … Continue reading

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