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reflections on writing of an autobiographical nature

    perspective in Joyce’s ‘Portrait of the Artist’       A relative has commented on a post of mine on this site, namely “My Boyhood,” at My relative had some questions and made some observations about selectivity … Continue reading

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Racism Rears Its Ugly Head

      The 2017 Biennial exhibition at the Whitney Museum of American Art in Manhattan features a painting by the American artist Dana Schutz based upon photographs of the mutilated body of Emmett Till, the black teenager who was … Continue reading

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… in which I walk Paul Goodman’s dog (plus the New York Friends Group and Steve Post)

      An excellent article in today’s New York Times, “Norman Podhoretz Still Picks Fights and Drops Names” by John Leland — about the neoconservative pundit and former Commentary magazine editor Norman Podhoretz — notes that Podhoretz, after becoming … Continue reading

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      I have been a reader all my life and take great pleasure in it. I am not an academic, yet I like to challenge myself by reading books on all sorts of topics. As well as trying to … Continue reading

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