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a voter on “Clinton Fatigue”


I remember the Clintons from back when they tap danced around the Gennifer Flowers story.

Then came Whitewater and then Hillary Clinton’s billing records were nowhere to be found, and then there was Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton looked right at me through the TV screen and said “I did not have . . .” The lies never stopped. Then came the Clinton Foundation, foreign donations and the emails.

I have 100 percent Clinton Fatigue. If Bernie Sanders had been on the ballot, I would have voted for him, even though I agree with him on virtually nothing. But he seems to be honest and stands up for his beliefs and not for enriching himself.

— Howard Gaskill, Georgetown, Del. (a reader’s comment published in The Washington Post, November 2016)




P.S. I would have voted for Bernie Sanders too! Gladly.


— Roger W. Smith