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let them frolic!


“Sunday: we make it the dullest day in the week when it might be made the cheeriest. Will the people ever come to base ball, plays, concerts, yacht races, on Sundays? That would seem like clear weather after a rain. Why do you suppose people are so narrow-minded in their interpretation of the Sunday? If we read about Luther we find that he was not gloomy, not sad-devout, not sickly-religious: but a man full of blood who didn’t hesitate to outrage ascetic customs or play games if he felt like it on Sunday. The Catholic regards Sunday with a more nearly sane eye. It does seem as though the Puritan was responsible for our Sunday: the Puritan had his virtues but I for one owe him a grudge or two which I don’t hesitate to talk about loud enough to be heard.”

— Walt Whitman quoted by Horace Traubel, With Walt Whitman in Camden, Volume 2 (Sunday, September 2, 1888)


photographs by Roger W. Smith, April 2017

Juniper Valley Park 2-50 p.m. 4-9-2017

Juniper Valley Park 6-16 p.m. 4-12-2017 (2).jpg

Juniper Valley Park 6-16 p.m. 4-12-2017.jpg

Juniper Valley Park 10-22 a.m. 4-17-2017