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Massachusetts Macombers — chiefly, Elisha of Dartmouth and New Bedford, and family



Macomber notes

Elisha Macomber farm advertisement

“Farm at Auction,” New Bedford Mercury, New Bedford, Mass., March 12, 1819


Posted here (above) as downloadable Word documents are a genealogical article about Elisha Macomber (ca. 1775-1855) of Dartmouth and New Bedford, Mass., as well as my notes about the Macomber family. My maternal grandmother was descended from Elisha Macomber.

The genealogical details are sketchy; the article contains a few facts which I was able to unearth. The genealogical notes were compiled while researching my Macomber ancestors from Southeastern Massachusetts. Most of them were in New Bedford, MA, with the period I was focusing upon being the nineteenth century.


— Roger W. Smith

   May 2018