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on happiness vis-à-vis sadness (and the other way around)

      “We are more apt to feel depressed by the perpetually smiling individual than the one who is honestly sad. If we admit our depression openly and freely, those around us get from it an experience of freedom … Continue reading

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a February concert

      Last night I attended a concert at Carnegie Hall. The program: Mozart Symphony No. 40 in G Minor, K. 550; Orchestra of St. Luke’s; Robert Spano, conductor Bryce Dessner, “Voy a dormir”; Kelley O’Connor, Mezzo-Soprano Beethoven, Piano … Continue reading

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    One day we were in the garden. Father stood looking in at the pig. Mother was hanging clothes out, and I was weeding. Two travelling journeymen came past. They were dusty, carried knapsacks on their backs, and looked … Continue reading

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I am not the center of the universe.

    Call it an epiphany. Did you ever have an experience in the course of life, at a particular moment on a particular day — something seemingly inconsequential — that permanently altered your fundamental outlook on life? This happened … Continue reading

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two letters of condolence; and how (in my opinion) to write one

      Two letters of condolence are posted here: from my father to the wife of a deceased relative from me to the wife of high school classmate of mine     *****************************************************             … Continue reading

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a trip to Massachusetts (and its disappointing aftermath)

    During the month just ended, I took a trip to Massachusetts to attend the American Literature Association’s annual conference in Boston, and also to take photos of personal interest from the point of view of my personal history … Continue reading

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reflections about my Dad as a pianist

          The following is the text of an email of mine to family members (plus, note audio file above):     I have been sort of in the dumps today. Wanted to listen to some light … Continue reading

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