a witness at the Nurernberg trials


Bunky Morrison letter 2-17-1946


Posted here (PDF above; JPEGs below) is a letter to my father Alan W. Smith (“Smitty”)  and my mother, Elinor Handy Smith, from my father’s good friend “Bunky” Morrison, dated February 17, 1946.

My father served in the U.S. Army from April 1942 until January 1946 with the rank of First Lieutenant. I believe that Bunky lived in Massachusetts, as did my father,

My father served in Panama.

Also posted here below is a photo of my father with his Army buddies taken in New York City in September 1942. Bunky Morrison is the furthest to the right; to his left is my father. Bunky was a nickname; I do not know Bunky’s birth name.


– posted by Roger W. Smith

   June 2021



Photo taken in New York City, September 1942. “Bunky” Morrison to far right. Alan W. Smith on his left.

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