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Family of Caleb (1767-1832) and Susanna (Taber) Congdon (1770-1839) of New Bedford, MA




This report concerns my most recent Congdon ancestors, who go back to nineteenth century New Bedford, Mass.

I am descended from them through my maternal grandmother Annie Congdon Handy (nee Hart). Her great-grandmother (on her father’s side) was Lydia Congdon Hart (1793-1839).

See downloadable Word document, above.


— posted  by Roger W. Smith

   November 2015

Early Congdon Family




This report (downloadable Word document above) concerns my Congdon ancestors from Rhode Island. I am descended from the Congdon family through my maternal grandmother, Annie Congdon (Hart) Handy (1894-1972).


— Roger W. Smith

   May 2011