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This report (downloadable Word document above) concerns my Congdon ancestors from Rhode Island. I am descended from the Congdon family through my maternal grandmother, Annie Congdon (Hart) Handy (1894-1972).


— Roger W. Smith

   May 2011

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  1. Joanne Huston

    I am a descendant of Congdon/Albro line. My family came from the New England states to
    Nova Scotia, Canada. Always interested in sharing information. Joanne

  2. Nancy

    Hi, I am Nancy Featherly Stump, I have a John Congdon, b. 16 Oct 1777, Rutland, Vermont, d. 9 mar 1859, Freedom, Cattaraugus, NY, his wife is Tabitha Place, b. 1778, Rutland, Vermont, d. 23 jan 1855, Freedom, Cattaraugus, NY. I found some information that says John is the Grandson of Benjamin Congdon and Francis Stafford. I have been unable to find information proving this. Can you possilby help me here. John and Tabitha is my 5x gr grandparents. Which would make Benjamin and Francis my 6x great grandparents. I have found a John Congdon, but the birthdates I have doesn’t match. Very possible I have the wrong information…. Would appreciate any help on this I can get.
    Thank you

  3. linda northrup sturgill

    i have a David Northrup married to a Susanna Congdon. I don’t know if this is correct or not. I have seen it several times. Do you have any info on this line?

    My David Northrup was born in 1752, so I believe it would have been his grandfather. Also, I have seen some Congdons as Indians from out in Greenwich, Rhode Island. Any info would be helpful.

  4. Bearly Literate

    Greetings Distant Cousin. My tie to the family is through Joseph Slocum and Dorcas Congdon. My research is to find where my many ancestral lines came from and if possible when and on which ship. The other goal is to find my religious roots. Your blog has helped me a great deal and gives me more directions to pursue. Thank you.

  5. Sue Congdon Sudduth

    We share the same ancestry as we are descendants of Benjamin Congdon. My father, Calvin D. Congdon, was born in Dayton, Ohio as well as my three siblings. He is 86 years old and lives in Portland, Oregon with my 83 year old mother, Minnie. I traced the family to Vermont before Ohio. From Vermont to Massachusetts and finally back to Rhode Island. I have a dear friend who lives in Barrington, R.I. who has invited me to Rhode Island next summer (2014) to document the family history. My name is Sue Congdon Sudduth. My email is: ssudduth@flash.net. It would be wonderful to hear from you. Regards, Sue August 31, 2013, Arlington, Texas.

  6. Joanne Huston

    I am a descendant of Benjamin Congdon b. 1674 m: Frances Stafford and is son of Benjamin b. 1634 m: Elizabeth Albro. My line is Benjamin b. 1702 m: Elizabeth Sweet and moved to Nova Scotia Canada.

    My e-mail is memejhus@gmail.com if anyone wants to share.

    cheers, Joanne

  7. James Dean

    I am a descendant of Benjamin Congdon and Elizabeth Albro. I have found an interesting 1910 article online, by Nichols, on the Cavaliers of Rhode Island (published by New River Press) — that is, those who sided with King Charles, and left after the English Civil War. It states that most of the Cavaliers who left England and Wales went to Virginia, but over half of those who moved to New England settled in Rhode Island.

    The article mentions three of my ancestors: John Albro of Portsmouth, father of Elizabeth; John Coggeshall, a founder of Portsmouth and Newport and Governor of RI in 1647; and one more.

    It does not mention Benjamin Congdon, but speaks of the Welsh Squires who transplanted their life in Wales to New England, and almost seems to be describing Benjamin Congdon. Nichols speaks of the qualities of those Cavaliers, but felt the descendants were untraceable, as they scattered like seeds in the wind to Central and Western New York.

    I feel I am the link he was looking for in 1910. My ancestors the last few generations were from Chautauqua County, NY. There are other Congdons in Cattaraugus County; some are attorneys. I have just fund some original Congdon letters from Chautauqua County to Rhode Island from 1840’s on,and am going through them now.

    I am also descended from John Greene of North Kingston,and others from the Narragansett Country.

    I feel I have inherited many of those qualities Nichols mentions. I have moved my home and business to Sebring, Florida, in Highlands County, which actually reminds of Chautauqua County where I was raised. I have a good understanding of my lineage, and good family history. I am also descended from John Greene of North Kingston, but not the other two John Greenes who came to RI in 1638.

    My father (95 years old) just took a DNA test, my sister and I will do so soon. I am interested in learning more of residents of the Narragansett country, including Benjamin Congdon,, Greenes and others.

    — James Dean of Sebring, FL

  8. Dennis m Vunk

    I have several Congdons, John, Ben, William, in my family. Also have infomation with the name of Northup and Northrup. Any one looking for info can contact me at the email address below.

  9. Roger W. Smith

    Ms. Vunk — my mistake with regard to your email. I had typed it incorrectly. I have sent you an email, and would be glad to exchange information on Congdon ancestors..

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