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the Pocasset murder (1879)

      ‘The Pocasset Murder’       See attached, downloadable Word document (above). Plus, see text below (which includes a summary/abstract). See also     *********************************************************       Abstract:   Five year old Edith Burgess Freeman … Continue reading

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Branch Rickey, James W. Bashford, Whittredge connection

  In 2004, I wrote two fairly long articles for Notable Sports Figures, published by Gale, a reference book publisher based in Michigan. The reference work focused on, included, articles about sports figures who had an impact on society or … Continue reading

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George Gissing, book covers


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Sherwood Anderson, “Lift up thine eyes”

  Sherwood Anderson’s powerful “Life up thine eyes” is posted at The following is commentary by an anonymous writer on the site.   Reprint of a 1930 article by American author Sherwood Anderson published in Agitator, laying bare the … Continue reading

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Roger Smith, “Learning How to Write”

  During the summer of 1962, between my sophomore and junior years at Canton High School in Canton, Massachusetts, a summer school course was offered taught by my older brother’s English teacher, Robert W. Tighe. I had had practically no … Continue reading

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Roger W. Smith, comments on the criminal justice system

  It seems that life is this way: some people are get screwed for no reason, while others lead charmed lives. The government usually goes after the small fries. They will find something to nail some poor luckless person on, … Continue reading

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Juan Ramón Jiménez – books in my library

  All of these books are in my personal library with the exception of the eight translations of Platero y yo (Platero and I) into languages other than English. These eight books (i.e., translations) are displayed in the Casa Museo … Continue reading

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