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Roger W. Smith, “Pitirim Sorokin and the Russian Émigré Community”


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Roger W. Smith, “Pitirim Sorokin and the Russian Émigré Community”:

Roger W. Smith, “Pitirim Sorokin and the Russian Émigré Community”


posted by Roger W. Smith

   March 2023

Roger W. Smith, Несколько Слов о Проф. П. А. Сорокине (A Few Words About Prof. P. A. Sorokin)


Roger W. Smith, ‘A Few Words About Prof. P. A. Sorokin’ – The New Review, No. 308

Roger W. Smith, ‘A Few Words About Prof. P. A. Sorokin’ IN RUSSIAN


Posted here (Word document above) is my article “A Few Words About Prof. P. A. Sorokin,” which I submitted to the Russian language journal (published in New York ) The New Review.

I have also posted a PDF file of the actual article, in Russian.

It was published in the current issue, in a Russian translation by the journal’s editor, Marina Adamovich.

The following are the details of the publication,. of both this article and correspondence between Sorokin and Tolstoy’s author Alexandra Tolstoy, which was also published with credit to me.

Roger Smith, Neskol’ko Slov o Prof. P. A. Sorokin (A Few Words about Prof. P. A. Sorokin), translated from the English by Marina Adamovich, The New Review No. 308 (September 2022), pp. 189-191

Perepiska Aleksandry Tolstoy i Pitirima Sorkina (Correspondence between Alexandra Tolstoy and Pitirim Sorkin), published by Roger W. Smith, The New Review No. 308 (September 2022), pp. 192-196


— Roger W. Smith

  September 2022

that which war and revolution unleash (Sorokin, 1922)


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that which war and revolution unleash (Sorokin, 1922)


— Roger W. Smith

   August 2022

new post; Pitirim A. Sorokin, “The Bard of Life (Walt Whitman 1819-1892)”


On my Sorokin site, I have a new post: an early article that the sociologist and social philosopher Pitirim A. Sorokin wrote about Walt Whitman, which I have translated from the original Russian.

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Sorokin, “The Bard of Life” (Walt Whitman 1819-1892)


— Roger W. Smith

Pitirim A. Sorokin: “the fact of stratification is universal”


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“the fact of stratification is universal”

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“the fact of stratification is universal”

Sorokin’s observations have important implications.


— Roger W. Smith

“Opinions are not the rules for actions.”


If a picture is drawn of a tree whose title is nevertheless, “A Fish,” only one insane may say, “This is a picture of a fish.” Unfortunately, in social sciences such insane statements are still very numerous. Authors still do not understand that the labels and the real situation, the speech reactions of a man and his real behavior may be quite different. If in a constitution is written “all men are equal,” they often conclude that in such a society the equality is realized. If a man abundantly produces sonorous phrases, then for this reason he is judged as “open-minded,” “progressive,” “protector of the laboring classes” and so on, regardless of his real behavior. For the same reason, the periods of Revolution are styled as periods of progress and so forth. Such “thinkers” do not see what was clear for [Pierre] Bayle several centuries ago [in his Pensées Diverses sur l’Occasion de la Comète]. “Opinions (speech reactions and labels) are not the rules for actions, and men do not follow them in their conduct,” says Bayle. … [The Christians are those who, being smitten on the right cheek, turn to the offender their left one. I wish I could see such Christians. These examples show that between the labels and the real situation may be the greatest discrepancy. This is one reason for not relying on labels and speech reactions in the description of social phenomena.

— Pitirim A. Sorokin, Social Mobility

So wrote Sorokin in 1927. I find his words very true today.


— Roger W. Smith

flight from the cities


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“flight from the cities”

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flight from the cities


— Roger W. Smith

new post: “Sorokin on human emotions in a time of plague”


Please see my new post on my Sorokin site (dedicated to the sociologist and social philosopher Pitirim A. Sorokin:

“Sorokin on human emotions in a time of plague”

Sorokin on human emotions in a time of plague


— Roger W. Smith

   April 2020

my Sorokin paper published


Сборник (‘Pitirim Sorokin and Paradigms of Global Development in the 21st Century’)

See pp. 25-30 of downloadable PDF (above).


Another one in the works.

Roger W. Smith, “Sorokin as Bilingual Stylist: His English Language Writings Examined from a Stylistic Perspective”


Pitirim Sorokin i paradigmy global’nogo razvitiya XXI veka (k 130-letiyu so dnya rozhdeniya)

Mezhdunarodnaya nauchnaya konferentsiya

Syktyvkar, 10−12 oktyabrya 2019 g.

Sbornik nauchnykh trudov

Syktyvkar, 2019

Pitirim Sorokin and Paradigms of Global Development of the 21st Century (on the 130th Anniversary of His Birth)

International Scientific Conference

Syktyvkar, October 10−12, 2019

Collection of Scientific Papers

Syktyvkar, Russia, 2019


– posted by Roger W. Smith


new site dedicated to Pitirim A. Sorokin


The Russian-American sociologist and social philosopher Pitirim A. Sorokin (Russian, Питирим Александрович Сорокин) has been one of my personal heroes since my high school years. I have a created a new site about him at

Further materials about Sorokin which I have discovered as well as materials that Russian scholars have shared with me are in preparation for posting and will be forthcoming.

There has been much scholarship about Sorokin going on in post-Communist Russia (he was banished shortly after the Russian Revolution by the Soviet government). There have  been exciting discoveries such as that of a long lost and unknown novel by Sorokin.

Pitirim A. Sorokin was an interesting person, scholar/writer, and historical figure in his own right — interest in him is not limited to sociologists or, for that matter, scholars. I encourage those who are interested to visit my new Sorokin site.


— Roger W. Smith

   February 2018




новый сайт, посвященный Питириму А. Сорокину

Российско-американский социолог и социальный философ Питирим А. Сорокин был одним из моих личных героев со школьных лет. У меня есть новый сайт о нем

Дальнейшие материалы о Сорокине, которые я обнаружил, а также материалы, которые поделились со мной российскими учеными, готовятся к публикации и будут опубликованы.

Было много стипендий о том, что Сорокин происходит в посткоммунистической России (он был изгнан вскоре после русской революции советским правительством). Были интересные открытия, такие как давно потерянный и неизвестный роман Сорокина.

Питирим А. Сорокин был интересным человеком, ученым / писателем и исторической фигурой в своем собственном праве – интерес к нему не ограничивается социологами или, если на то пошло, учеными. Я призываю тех, кто заинтересован посетить мой новый сайт Сорокина.


– Роджер У. Смит

Февраль 2018 года