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Roger W. Smith is a writer and independent scholar based in New York City. His experience includes freelance writing and editing, business writing, book reviewing, and the teaching of writing and literature as an adjunct professor. Mr. Smith's interests include personal essays and opinion pieces; American and world literature; culture, especially books and reading; classical music; current issues that involve social, moral, and philosophical views; and experiences of daily living from a ground level perspective. Besides (1), a personal site, he also hosts websites devoted to (2) the author Theodore Dreiser and (3) to the sociologist and social philosopher Pitirim A. Sorokin.

the ABUSE of bad words

      Pee. Shit. Fart. Fuck. I recently went to a doctor for a checkup. He asked me how frequently I urinated. He cautioned me, “Don’t drink water in the evening and before you go to bed. If you … Continue reading

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“vanity of vanities; all is vanity”

    The news depresses me. It is too much, far too much, about trivialities presented as matters of grave concern to the nation and body politic. It is not informative and instructive and is in fact rebarbative. It induces … Continue reading

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preparing for a trip; advice from a travel maven

      In the summer of 2016, I went on a trip with a friend to Spain. I was frantically trying to get ready at the last minute, to make sure I had done everything I intended to do … Continue reading

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another concert; thoughts about Bartók

      Last night, Tuesday, April 10, I saw a chamber music concert by the Artemis Quartet at Carnegie Hall which consisted of Beethoven’s String Quartet in D Major, Op. 18, No. 3; Bartók’s String Quartet No. 2, Op. … Continue reading

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on poverty

    “In civilised society, personal merit will not serve you so much as money will. Sir, you may make the experiment. Go into the street, and give one man a lecture on morality, and another a shilling, and see … Continue reading

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On Friendships: Forming, Preserving, and (Sometimes) Knowing When to End Them

    “For the rest, what we commonly call friends and friendships, are nothing but acquaintance and familiarities, either occasionally contracted, or upon some design, by means of which there happens some little intercourse betwixt our souls. But in the … Continue reading

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hatred that feeds a psychic need

      It has a life of its own. Feeds on itself. I have seen it, depressingly, in my own life. Where the hatred is or was directed at me. It is a fire which smolders and then rages, … Continue reading

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