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to autumn

                    Pushkin’s favorite month was October. Spring starts out wet and raw and often wintry at the outset. Fall starts out just plain nice and within a couple of weeks or … Continue reading

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Mozart, 3 German Dances; Handel, Water Music Suite (arranged by Sir Hamilton Harty)

          They are posted here on a scratchy LP from the 1960’s that a friend digitalized for me. Conducted by Herbert von Karajan.     *****************************************************   My older brother gave me this LP as a … Continue reading

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Gavin Bryars, “Jesus’ Blood Never Failed Me Yet”

    A well known early work of the contemporary English composer Gavin Bryars is “Jesus’ Blood Never Failed Me Yet” (1971). I feel compelled to post it here because it is a unique and stirring example of religious music, … Continue reading

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Çalikuşu (The Autobiography of a Turkish Girl) now available in a complete, new English translation

    The book is available on Amazon:                     Çalikuşu (The Wren) by Reşat Nuri Güntekin The Complete English Translation Parts 1-4 Translated from The Turkish by Sir Wyndham Deedes Part … Continue reading

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    Pleonasm is defined as the use of more words than are necessary to convey meaning, either as a fault of style or for emphasis. For example: see with one’s eyes. From which have, an as example, pleonastic word … Continue reading

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Bartók, Eight Hungarian Folksongs for voice and piano (nyolc magyar népdal)

        Posted here as a single track:   Bela Bartók, Eight Hungarian Folksongs for voice and piano (nyolc magyar népdal)   nos. 1–5, 1907 nos. 6–8, 1917   The music is stunning and the performance by a … Continue reading

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the music of the spheres (linguistically speaking)

    I live in the borough of Queens in New York City. In a metropolitan area with the most ethnically diverse zip codes in the nation, and in a City where far more languages are spoken than in any … Continue reading

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