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a bitter exchange

    Crane Brinton, ‘Socio-Astrology’   ‘Historionics’ (Sorkin Reply to Crane Brinton)     *****************************************************   A remarkable exchange between Harvard history professor Crane Brinton and Pitirim A. Sorokin, then chairman of Harvard’s Department of Sociology, occurred in 1937 and … Continue reading

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no greater love

    This morning I was thinking about something seemingly unremarkable that I observed in my neighborhood about two weeks ago. I told my wife about it the other day. I live in what would probably be called a working … Continue reading

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a note to the Tooth Fairy

        *****************************************************     Tooth   Re: Tooth Amount of money: $5.00   Tooth Fairy (Mommy) — Directions; 1. Take tooth; 2. Leave cash (no checks please) Hint: look under pillow. Only stupid people don’t get this. … Continue reading

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    Writers hunger for understanding and appreciation (as well as readers). A few readers of this blog, besides disagreeing (often vehemently) with my point of view, as reflected in some of my posts, have also critiqued my writing. I … Continue reading

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two of my favorite piano sonatas and how important the performer seems to be

    They are as follows:     Beethoven, piano sonata no. 27, opus 90, second movement (“Nicht zu geschwind und sehr singbar vorgetragen”; Not too swiftly and conveyed in a singing manner)     Andrew Rangell   Emil Gilels … Continue reading

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Roger W. Smith, “Reminscence of Eiji Mizutani” (ロジャーW.スミス、「水谷栄二さんを偲んで」)

    ‘Reminiscence of Eiji Mizutani   (Downloadable Word document is posted above.)     (ダウンロード可能なWord文書が上に掲載されています) 下記の日本語訳をご覧ください     *************************************************     Roger W. Smith, “Reminscence of Eiji Mizutani” (ロジャーW.スミス、「水谷栄二さんを偲んで」)     Eiji Mizutani (水谷 栄二), a former colleague of … Continue reading

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“After Racist Rage, Statues Fall”

  “For more than a year, members of the Baltimore City Council, like officials in many communities across the nation, had drifted indecisively about the fate of the city’s increasingly controversial Confederate monuments. Then, last weekend, white supremacists in Charlottesville, Va., … Continue reading

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