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“extreme vetting” of immigrants?


Liz Tighe post on Facebook

August 15, 2016

“Extreme vetting” of immigrants? Does that mean water-boarding? I think we should extreme vet any orange-faced lard-ass and those related to him who travel outside the country to Russia and Ukraine, and Scotland for golfing; water-boarding before let back in to see if they can recite the preamble to the constitution, the Articles of Confederation and explain the difference between The Constitution and the Bill of Rights and explain all of the amendments to the Constitution and why each came to be … yeah, yeah, turn ’em upside down, pour water down their gullet till they drown. Don’t let ’em back in until they can demonstrate understanding of our founding principles. While we’re at it, maybe we oughta extreme vet every human on the planet, to be sure they are actually human beings, and not aliens, or “other-worldly”, Satan spawn type entities that are infiltrating our republic and taking over the country from within. What dreams have become.


a respondent: Vet them, why not?


Liz Tighe: Vet, yes. but he didn’t say “vet”, he said “EXTREME vetting, I mean EX-TREME!” he added with great emphasis … define. Actually, if water-boarding was only considered an ‘enhanced’ method of obtaining information, what is meant by “extreme” vetting? What is the vetting now, how does it vary by country of origin and what would it mean for vetting to be “extreme”? Does anyone actually know? It’s the responsibility of citizens to know what it is they’re voting for. policy positions not appeals to fear and ignorance.

respondent: I would never wish this but, maybe the only way you would see it different is if your family member had died in marathon bombing or was raped sodomized and head cut off in Benghazi . It seems you disconnect from those evils! Salaries it different cause he lives in a world

Where his people die!


Roger W. Smith: Just because terrible things happen in the world, one doesn’t go about picking on large classes of people who were not involved to exact revenge and impose what might be called “collective punishment,” striking out blindly and trampling on our rights as citizens, which were not won or granted easily.



N.B. – Liz Tighe is the daughter of Robert W. Tighe, my former English teacher.


— Roger W. Smith

   August 17, 2016



letter to the editor, The New York Times, August 17, 2016



To the Editor:

Re “Trump Invokes Cold War in Plan to Fight Terror” (front page, Aug. 16):

My jaw dropped when I read that Donald Trump stated that the Orlando and San Bernardino mass attacks were carried out by “immigrants, or the children of immigrants.” I am the child of an immigrant. My father came here after being in a slave labor camp in Siberia, having fled the Nazis in World War II.

My family and I live in a very diverse town of immigrants. Amazingly, there isn’t a terrorist in the whole bunch of us.

Not surprisingly, Mr. Trump did not mention homegrown terrorists like Timothy McVeigh, the Oklahoma City bomber, or Dylan Roof, the Charleston church shooter. Instead of worrying about immigrants, I would like to know how Mr. Trump plans to deal with the problem of white men, or the children of white men.

Elaine Edelman

East Brunswick, N.J.



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— Roger W. Smith

   August 17, 2016