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the scouting expedition of my ancestor Capt. (later Col.) Jeremiah Moulton (ca. 1688-1765) of Maine


Capt. later Col. Jeremiah Moulton (ca. 1688-1765), was an ancestor, on her mother’s side, of my paternal grandmother Esther Moulton (Whittredge) Smith. He was involved in successful expeditions against the Indian outpost at Norridgewock, Maine that took place in 1722 and 1724.

An account of a scouting expedition by Captain Moulton, transcribed by me from the Maine Historical and Genealogical Recorder, is posted below as a downloadable Word document.
— Roger Whittredge Smith








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Origins of the Moulton family in Maine


Attached as a downloadable Word document is an article about the Moulton ancestry of my paternal grandmother, Esther Moulton (Whittredge) Smith (1886-1970). The Moultons were an early Maine family.


— Roger Whittredge Smith