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the ferry

                photographs by Roger W. Smith       *****************************************************     The glories strung like beads on my smallest sights and hearings—on the walk in the street, and the passage over the … Continue reading

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the awfulness of Lincoln Center: photo essay

    Yes, awful! See my previous post   “Lincoln Center; the ruminations of a ‘genius’ ”     The following photos of Lincoln Center and the immediate neighborhood/surrounding streets prove my point.     — Roger W. Smith    … Continue reading

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a Manhattan jaunt

    Yesterday, Sunday, November 12, I set out from my house, intending to walk the whole perimeter of Manhattan. It is a walk of around 32 miles and is said to take 12 to 15 hours. I started from … Continue reading

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an island … a city surrounded by WATER

                  photographs by Roger W. Smith       *****************************************************     The photographs posted here above were all taken by me within the past few months in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens, … Continue reading

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Manhattan Island from Bottom to Top; Walking as Exercise

    In the spirit of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, I will begin with the conclusion, followed by evidence to prove my point. Walking is a naturally beneficial form of exercise habitual since human origins. It is perfectly suited to … Continue reading

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a trip to Massachusetts (and its disappointing aftermath)

    During the month just ended, I took a trip to Massachusetts to attend the American Literature Association’s annual conference in Boston, and also to take photos of personal interest from the point of view of my personal history … Continue reading

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let them frolic!

        “Sunday: we make it the dullest day in the week when it might be made the cheeriest. Will the people ever come to base ball, plays, concerts, yacht races, on Sundays? That would seem like clear … Continue reading

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