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post updated (Old Norse poetry)


my post

“Hávamál” (“Sayings of the High One”; translated from Old Norse)

“Hávamál” (“Sayings of the High One”; translated from Old Norse)

has been updated.

There were errors in my transcription, which I have corrected.

— Roger W. Smith

   April 2022

“Canton High Graduates 208”


‘Canton High Graduates 208’


“Canton High Graduates 208”

The Canton Journal

Canton, MA, June 1964


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This story was told to me by my older brother. We both had the same outstanding English teacher in high school.

There was a student in our school, Canton High School in Canton, Massachusetts, named Kim Hubbard. His mother, known to us kids as Mrs. Hubbard, was the kindly and perpetually cheerful librarian at the circulation desk at the local library. She seemed to always accidentally on purpose not take note of the fact that a fine was required when a book was overdue.

Her son Kim was a student for a couple of years at a prep school before transferring to Canton High. He was in the graduating class one year ahead of my brother. I vaguely remember him as a high spirited, intelligent kid known for his sense of humor and penchant for acting zany to get a laugh.

For his first assignment in English class — as the story goes — Kim turned in a paper from his sophomore year at the prep school. I recall that my brother said that he got a C.

“This paper is rather sophomoric,” the teacher, Mr. Tighe, said.


Roger W. Smith

    May 2022

post updated; 50s and 60s songs


I have added some new selections.


50’s (and some early 60’s) songs

Have fun.


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“Use of A-Bomb Condemned”


See my post

“Use of A-Bomb Condemned”

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“Use of A-Bomb Condemned”

— Roger W. Smith