4 thoughts on “my Gissing books

  1. janemclean6712

    I can see why writers would be drawn to this particular novel. Gissing goes into great depth as to the financial problems that writers face and as to the emotional agony that some writers go through when they are either suffering from writers’ block or when they fear the necessity of “lowering their writing standards” in order to make enough money to survive.

    Reardon seems to be making disparaging remarks about using plots in novels (when he is discussing their current financial situation with his wife). But how does he expect to get through a 2 or 3 volume novel without a plot?!!!

  2. janemclean6712

    In the description of where Edwin Reardon and Amy live, it mentions the eight flights of stone steps up to their apartment (!!!) and the view on the rooftop affording a distant glimpse or glimmer of the Crystal Palace.

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