“Remembering Rev. John M. Coffee Jr.”


Remembering Rev. John M. Coffee Jr.


The above PDF file comprises the memorial tribute to Rev. John M. Coffee (1928-2012) at Emerson College in June 2012.

Remembering John M. Coffee, Jr. / November 20, 1928 – May 8, 2012

A Collection of John’s Writings and Photos, and Remembrances of His Friends

Delivered at Memorial Service / June 18, 2012 / First Church, Boston


posted by Roger W.  Smith

   November 2015


Rev. John Coffee, LRY advisor

John Coffee

2 thoughts on ““Remembering Rev. John M. Coffee Jr.”

  1. Charles Sprague

    He was a great teacher. His Bible History class at Emerson College was one of the best classes I took at Emerson. Thank you for posting this wonderful remembrance PDF file online. It sure brings back great memories.

  2. Roger W. Smith

    Dear Charles — Thanks much for your comment and appreciative words. I knew Rev. Coffee well through his involvement as an advisor to Liberal Religious Youth (LRY). This was in my adolescent years. Rev. Coffee was a major influence on me and many others. We were out of touch for a large part of my adulthood (though I remembered him fondly), but fortunately, I looked him up and we had contact several times in the early 2000’s. He told me how much he loved teaching at Emerson. You could see that he found a place to hang his hat. This is not to say that he hadn’t been successful before, as a minister in Roxbury and as a youth advisor. Great to hear from you.

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