Purcell, harpsichord suites




I somehow managed to find this now rare recording of Henry Purcell’s charming, indeed enchanting, harpsichord suites — I have listened to them often — on an LP which I purchased in the 1970s. The recording is by Isabelle Nef.

Isabelle Nef (1895-1976) was a Swiss pianist and harpsichordist.




“Purcell’s keyboard works may occupy a relatively minor niche in his glorious oeuvre, but they are still touched by genius. These harpsichord pieces are models of charm and sophistication, their melodic invention a constant source of delight. Many of Purcell’s harpsichord compositions first appeared in The Choice Collection of Lessons for Harpsichord or Spinnet, which was published in 1696, just one year after his death. … The suites are very influenced by the elegant French style that was fashionable in Restoration London, with elaborate ornamentation, especially in the delicate Almands. …”

— Graham Lock

Classical-Music.com; The official website of BBC Music Magazine






No. 1 In G Major


No. 2 In G Minor


No. 3 In G Major


No. 4 In A Minor




No. 5 In C Major


No. 6 In D Major


No. 7 In D Minor


No. 8 In F Major



— posted by Roger W. Smith

   March 2019

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