my apologies


I have stated on the “About” page on this site, and elsewhere, that the music on this blog is downloadable. I thought it was.

I noted my desire “to share some rare recordings from my collection of classical music, which started with LP’s in the 1960’s.”

I tried to download a music track from this site today and found out that this was not doable.

After consulting with a WordPress tech support person, I have learned that the situation with music posted on this site is like YouTube. You can play it but you can’t download it.

This defeats a major purpose of mine in posting classical music on this site.

I am disappointed and wish the music could be downloaded; I do not, however, intend to delete the posts of music already here.


— Roger W. Smith

2 thoughts on “my apologies

  1. Tom Riggio

    Nice to have these, Roger. No need to be able to download. Just listening anytime we want to is enough. Thanks, Tom

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