a premonition



My wife Janet and I had a very pleasant lunch with my brother and sister-in-law in Manhattan today. They were going to a matinee performance of a Broadway play.

My wife and I walked up Fifth Avenue together and parted at the corner of 39th Street. A beautiful day. We had separate plans for the rest of the afternoon.

I kissed her goodbye and was overcome by a powerful emotion, a visceral sense like a stomach pain. I felt a pang of loss parting from her, albeit briefly.

Someday we will be parted forever, I thought.



— Roger W. Smith

August 26, 2017


1 thought on “a premonition

  1. Tom Riggio

    Sounds like a fine day. Your premonition is true, but I guess the gods gave us a break: we will feel no pangs when the time actually comes.

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