“born in exile” (“Some Reflections on the Scholarship of George Gissing”)


Daley, ‘Some Reflections on the Scholarship of Gisisng’ – Classical J


Posted above as a downloadable PDF file is the following article:

“Some Reflections on the Scholarship of George Gissing” by Norma L. Schank Daley, The Classical Journal, 38.1 (October 1942), pp. 21-30



“Hey, Roger. Many thanks for these! All of them were good, but especially the one written by Norma Schank Daley. Her opening paragraph nearly moved me to tears. Not only was the sentiment expressed deeply moving, but her writing is exquisite. I really savored that one. Rarely do I have the pleasure of encountering such elegant scribbling, and hers borders on lapidary. I envy those who can write so well! Thanks again for sending them along.”

— email from Charles Davenport, Jr. September 9, 2017

(Charles Davenport Jr., a long time Gissing enthusiast, is a member of the Editorial Board of the Greensoboro News & Record in Greensboro, NC.)



Note: A major source for Ms. Daley’s article was The Private Life of Henry Maitland, a novel by Morley Roberts (1857-1942), an English novelist. The Private Life of Henry Maitland was based on the life of George Gissing.


— Roger W. Smith

  September 2017

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