Roger’s rules for staying healthy (disregard at your peril!)



with apologies to Satchel Paige


drink lots of water, as much as you can (can you believe my latest doctor told me not to drink too many fluids in the evening?)

don’t smoke; and, by all means, no drugs

drink only a little, or in moderation

eating light is better, but don’t get obsessive about diet

fewer sweets and less sugar are desirable

don’t take ANY meds (including aspirin) unless YOU feel you absolutely have to (and ignore what the docs say about them) — in short, leave your brother body alone

exercise as much as you can, but only if it’s fun for you; KEEP ACTIVE

try to keep the weight off, but don’t obsess over it

DON’T EAT LATE AT NIGHT OR BEFORE BEDTIME (it’s better to go to bed hungry)

allow yourself to get as much sleep as you want

stay away from hospitals (“the patients check in, but they don’t check out”) — they’re bound to make you sick, or sicker

avoid doctors, if you can manage it

try to ignore colds if you can … keep going; you’ll find that once you forget about it, the “illness” will forget about you

don’t let inclement weather stop you from going out … cold air is good for you

don’t listen to the advice of would be doctors (family, friends) and “medical meddlers” — except for mine (!)

above all, AVOID STRESS (this includes worrying about your health)


— Roger W. Smith

   February 2018

1 thought on “Roger’s rules for staying healthy (disregard at your peril!)

  1. Pete Smith

    Interesting list, Rog. Think you meant “too much fluid” or “too many fluids” (unless you were quoting a doctor with bad grammar) and fewer sweets, not less.

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