Carl Nielsen, “Min pige er så lys som rav” (song)







Posted here is a song by the Danish composer Carl Nielsen: “Min pige er så lys som rav” (Like golden amber is my girl), composed in 1920. The text is by the Danish writer Helge Rode (1870-1937).





Min pige er så lys som rav
og Danmarks gyldne hvede,
og blikket er så blåt som hav,
når himmel er dernede.
Prinsesse Tove af Danmark!

Min piges smil er sol i maj
og sang fra lærkestruber,
og smilehullet viser vej
til sindets gyldne gruber –
Prinsesse Tove af Danmark!

Min pige kan vel være hård
mod dem, hun ilde lider,
da har hun ord, som hidsigt slår
og lidt for hidsigt bider.
Prinsesse Tove af Danmark!

Det smilehul går bag en sky,
og farligt øjet gråner;
men smilet bryder frem på ny,
og blikkets bølger blåner.
Prinsesse Tove af Danmark!

Thi ser jeg i de øjne ind,
de bliver vege, varme.
Da hviler jeg i hendes sind
som i to bløde arme.
Prinsesse Tove af Danmark!



Like golden amber is my girl,
Like Denmark’s wheat when reaping,
Her glances blue as they unfurl,
Blue sky in sea a-sleeping.
She’s princess Tove of Denmark!

My girl can be a little hard
On those she won’t admire,
Then finding words that leave them scarred
Or burn with heat of fire.
She’s princess Tove of Denmark!

The dimple fades behind a cloud,
Her eyes turn grey and troubled;
But smiles again break through uncowed,
The light from blue eyes doubled.
She’s princess Tove of Denmark!

I look into those eyes and find
Them warm and unprotesting.
Then I am truly in her mind
As though in soft arms resting.
She’s princess Tove of Denmark!



Roger W. Smith

   May 2018

About Roger W. Smith

Roger W. Smith is a writer and independent scholar based in New York City. His experience includes freelance writing and editing, business writing, book reviewing, and the teaching of writing and literature as an adjunct professor. Mr. Smith's interests include personal essays and opinion pieces; American and world literature; culture, especially books and reading; classical music; current issues that involve social, moral, and philosophical views; and experiences of daily living from a ground level perspective. Besides (1), a personal site, he also hosts websites devoted to (2) the author Theodore Dreiser and (3) to the sociologist and social philosopher Pitirim A. Sorokin.
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