William Handy, Love Swain marriage record



William Handy-Love Swain marriage record


William Handy-Love Swain marriage record


William Handy (1762-1856) of Sandwich, Massachusetts — sea captain, whaler, ship owner, farmer — was the grandfather of my mother’s grandfather Henry Thomas Handy (1845-1916). He served in the Revolutionary War.

He married Love Swain (1779-1857) on August 25, 1796 in Sandwich when he was 34 years old and she was about 17 years old. They had nine children. Love (Swain) Handy was a direct descendant of Daniel Swain, one of the founding purchasers of Nantucket.

Posted here is a copy of the marriage record, which I have transcribed as follows:

August 25th, 1796

William Handy and Love Swain both of Sandwich were married by Revd. Jonathan Burr.

Rev. Jonathan Burr was pastor of the First Church of Sandwich and preceptor of Sandwich Academy.


— posted by Roger W. Smith

   May 2018



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  1. Catherine E

    Hi there,

    I am not sure how to phrase this without seeming creepy, but my paternal grandmother is Catherine Handy, whose paternal grandfather is William Handy, I believe. I just did a quick google search on my grandmother and your blog post came up. I know practically nothing about my ancestry and have been curious about learning more recently. Please drop a note to my email if you are interested in getting in contact.

  2. Roger W. Smith

    I responded and sent you a ton of information, Ms. Engelmann. I hope it was appreciated. Apparently the politeness of my Yankee ancestors has become

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