“Ar ne kuth” II




Regarding my recent post “Ar ne kuth”

“Ar ne kuth”


Tenet Vocal artists has put the entire concert online at:

The link will take you to the entire concert on YouTube.


Ar ne kuth is at


“Ar ne kuth” is sung by  soprano Jolle Greenleaf.


Roger W. Smith

   April 2020



emails, March 23, 2020


Dear Jolle,

Tenet is a precious resource.

I am thankful that living in NYC gives me the opportunity to attend concerts such as Monteverdi’s Vespers in December (which I had always wanted to hear performed live) and English renaissance vocal music at the Strand.

I sometimes blog about music (I am not a performer or musicologist).

In a recent post of mine at

“Ar ne kuth”

I wrote: “I heard this medieval song [“A ne kuth”] performed by soprano Jolle Greenleaf (her voice is incredible and virtually indescribable) in a concert of English medieval music by Tenet Vocal Artists at the Rare Book Room of the Strand Bookstore on February 13, 2020.

Thanks again.


Roger Smith


Hi Roger,

It’s so gratifying to read this — thank you so much! I’m grateful you were able to catch our last Vespers, and that you were with us at the Strand. What a wonderful night that was! I’m honored by your kind words – your blog is so important. Thank you for your work on that!

Very gratefully,

Jolle Greenleaf

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