family separation repost II (psychological damage and medical/health consequences of the trump administration’s family separation policy)


psychological and medical damage


The downloadable Word document posted here (above) focuses on the consequences of the Trump administration’s family separation policy, assessed from a psychological/medical point of view by experts on child development. Such consequences include trauma and impairment of the children’s psychological as well as neurological health and development.

It’s “a critical issue that transcends political ideology and partisanship,” in the words of the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University.

The document posted here, compiled by me, is 280 pages long. It includes statements by experts on child development and welfare as well as press reports addressing the issue.

Since the damage to the migrant children was not transitory or of limited duration, this is an issue which should not get swept under the rug and forgotten about as supposedly being of interest only as long as it was part of the news cycle.


— Roger W. Smith

   April 2020

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