a Huron prayer


relation of Jérôme Lalemant, S.J.

May 19, 1941


The Jesuit Relations and Allied Documents: Travels and Explorations of the Jesuit Missionaries In New France 1610-1791, Vol. XXI; Quebec and Hurons: 1641-1642, edited by Reuben Gold Thwaites

Huron prayer

Posted here (PDF above) is an excerpt from Lalemant’s relation. It consists of a prayer in the Huron (aka Wyandot) language spoken by Joseph Chihwatenhwa, a Wyandot (Huron) convert in La Conception, the name of a mission established in 1634 by the Jesuits in the village of Ossossane, which was located on the shores of Lake Huron in Ontario, Canada.

Jérôme Lalemant, S.J. (b. Paris 1593; d. Quebec City, January 26, 1673) was a French Jesuit priest who was a leader of the Jesuit mission in New France.


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   July 2023

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  1. GretchenJoanna

    What an encouraging example of faith and trust, from across the ages and cultures. Thank you so much for sharing it. Glory to God, who “loves us to the utmost.”

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