reflections about my Dad as a pianist



The following is the text of an email of mine to family members (plus, note audio file above):


I have been sort of in the dumps today.

Wanted to listen to some light music.

I am listening to Dad’s private mini concert for Marge, from 1981.

I haven’t listened to it in years.

I am surprised by how much I am enjoying it.

He starts out the first piece pounding away, and it doesn’t seem like a good quality recording, but the recording quality gets better for the remainder.

I just listened to Dad’s rendition of “Lida Rose.” Not bad.

Now, he’s playing “New York, New York.” He should have gotten a job at Yankee Stadium!

Now he’s playing “Someone to Watch Over Me.”

Old chestnuts.

He has a predilection (too much) for boogie-woogie.

I can see why people liked to hear him play, how much enjoyment they got from it, and how it must have relaxed them after a day’s toil.

I think a factor would be how much he enjoyed playing — playing for other people, that is  — and, though he could be a bit of a showoff, I guess (what musician isn’t?), his playing is anything but ponderous. He just wants you to enjoy the music as much as he does.

At least, that’s the way it seems.


— Roger W. Smith

  November 13, 2016

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