the forlorn cat




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After running an errand today, I was walking home on a grungy side street and came upon a large stray cat. A big white cat.

It started mewing, dolefully, it seemed to me.

I identified with it.

Can and do animals with whom we are familiar, such as dogs, cats, and horses, have emotions similar to our own? Can they feel a sense of neglect and abandonment?

I would say yes.



— Roger W. Smith

   September 2, 2017

About Roger W. Smith

Roger W. Smith is a writer and independent scholar based in New York City. His experience includes freelance writing and editing, business writing, book reviewing, and the teaching of writing and literature as an adjunct professor. Mr. Smith's interests include personal essays and opinion pieces; American and world literature; culture, especially books and reading; classical music; current issues that involve social, moral, and philosophical views; and experiences of daily living from a ground level perspective. Besides (1), a personal site, he also hosts websites devoted to (2) the author Theodore Dreiser and (3) to the sociologist and social philosopher Pitirim A. Sorokin.
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3 Responses to the forlorn cat

  1. Tom Riggio says:

    You bet…

  2. Glad you and I are of the same mind, Tom.

  3. elisabethm says:

    Yes, especially cats. They can choose their caretakers. We had a small black cat that followed my sister home and never left.

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