3 thoughts on “Racism should be recognized for what it is.

  1. J.M.James

    Nice to see Doug Jones and Merrick Garland being considered for Attorney General. Excellent choices. Al Sharpton is weighing in with his choice: the person who has the best record on civil rights, if the choice is not a person of color.

    Legal expertise and knowledge of the law should be the major factor is choosing an Attorney General. Sharpton must be happy that we have a Black vice president, a powerful platform, as a voice for civil rights.

    Other cabinet positions must look at who gets along with Joseph Biden and the best qualified person, and not hold the color of their skin or their age against them.

    Thanks to Roger for posting this piece.

  2. JMJames

    Roger’s comments were right on the mark. Well said. He will probably get flack for his views. But Roger has a valid point.

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