new vocabulary words


vocabulary (9-18-2021)


Please see attached document.

I keep looking words up — always do so as I read.

And I copy the definitions as I go.

My English teacher, Mr. Tighe, would approve.


— posted by Roger W. Smith

  September 18, 2021



2 thoughts on “new vocabulary words

  1. GretchenJoanna

    I always note words I am not familiar with, often circling them as I go, or writing a list with page reference on the back page of the book. But I don’t get around to looking them all up. Lazy, I guess, or in too big a hurry to get to the next book!

  2. Roger W. Smith Post author

    My high school English teacher made a big point about looking up words. He strongly recommended it, and I got in the habit of doing so — it became a lifelong habit.

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