Thomas Smith and Jane (Gilchrist) Smith, from Scotland to Boston, MA, 1872






Posted here above as a downloadable Word document is a report about my great-grandparents Thomas Smith (1837-1902) and Jane (Gilchrist) Smith (1834-1907). They emigrated from Scotland with their children in 1872.



— Roger W. Smith

     February 2017





ship on Liverpool to Boston route






Smith gravestone Woodlawn Cemetery, Everett, MA

Smith family gravestone, Woodlawn Cemetery, Everett, MA. Buried here are Thomas Smith, great-great grandfather of Roger W. Smith (he emigrated from Scotland in 1872); his wife Jane (Gilchrist) Smith; their son Thomas Smith, Jr. (Roger W. Smith’s great-grandfather); and their son William G. Smith.



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Thomas Smith, Jr. (1861-1894) and Jennie (Wright) (Smith) Simpson (1863-1948)



Thomas Smith (1837-1902)



Jane (Gilchrist) Smith (1834-1907)

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